Time Pet Products

Time Pet commenced trading in 2001 under the watchful eyes of Fabian Fabbro and Heinrich Westenraad. The company originally started with the sole purpose to distribute the Rogz brand in Australia.

From 2001 to 2005 the business slowly grew, with Fabian and Heinrich performing all tasks including Sales, Warehousing and Accounts.

With limited manpower, technology played an important role in ensuring the business was highly efficient.

Over the years Time Pet has continued to grow and have earned a reputation in the industry for being a reliable supplier and have developed close relationships with retailers in the pet industry.

Creativity and dedication is at the heart of Time Pet and this is instilled in their brand building and marketing objectives, both at retailer level, and following through to consumer.

As the company grew, Time Pet expanded their product range and are now proud to represent and partner with nine international, cutting-edge brands who are the world’s best in the pet industry.

The Time Pet team is made up of diverse, creative and dedicated individuals, whose experience span across Sales, Warehousing, Administration and Marketing to ensure all aspects of the business are delivered with the best customer service in the industry

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